Prepared the Project Approval/Environmental Documentation (PA/ED) and PS&E for a new interchange on SR-210 at Pepper Avenue. Originally part of the SR-210 Extension Project, more than 10 years passed before it was reinitiated. As such, Caltrans required preparation of a Combined Project Study Report-Project Report (PSR-PR) to include the development of the Project Initiation Document and new environmental documentation.


The Civil Works Engineers, Inc. (CWE) team is pleased to announce that
as of July 15th, 2022 we have joined the team at David Evans and Associates, Inc.

We will continue to provide our services as part of David Evans and Associates, Inc.

Please note our new contact information:

Marie Marston: Marie.Marston@deainc.com, (714) 665-4561

Reception: (800) 721-1916