This project involved the preparation of a Project Report and PS&E for an interchange reconfiguration in Pico Rivera, CA. The existing configuration consists of a collector-distributor road with a loop off-ramp and loop on-ramp and a direct on-ramp.  The short weaving distance between the two loop ramps was identified as a congestion hot spot having a higher accident rate than average.  The project examines two build alternatives, a diamond configuration and a modified diamond with a loop on-ramp and removes the collector-distributor road.   The project involves preparation of a project report, geometrics, fact sheets, drainage study, storm water data report, traffic study, TMP, construction staging, temporary signals, coordination with Caltrans ongoing fiber replacement project, coordination with Caltrans for the environmental documentation, modified access report, right of way, utilities, life cycle cost analysis, landscape, geotechnical investigation, surveys, and cost estimates. The Project Report was finalized in March 2020 and are currently preparing the final construction plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E).


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