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I-710 Freight Corridor Project EIR/EIS Engineering/Environmental Component

Long Beach to Commerce, CA

Client: URS Corporation



I-710 is the major freight corridor between the Ports of Los Angeles/ Long Beach to the central Los Angeles railyards. Metro desired to pursue a 21 mile corridor wide project to study improvements along the route which would help facilitate goods  movement. Alternatives 5 and 6 are the build alternatives, Alternative 5 widens the freeway by one lane in each direction and Alternative 6 adds an exclusive 4-lane freight corridor facility paralleling the I-710. Civil Works was part of the URS Project Team for the preparation of the PA/ED.

URS assigned Segment 4 (from 2500 s/o Rosecrans Avenue to 3000 n/o Firestone Boulevard), a 4.5 mile stretch, out of a total of 6 segments along the I-710. The two primary build alternatives (5&6) included freeway widening, freeway realignment, reconstruction of connectors and ramps at interchange locations, and new construction of ramps. We were tasked with the development of geometric alignment alternatives for the two alternatives, one with an additional lane added in both directions to the I-710 for this 4.5 mile stretch and one to realign the I-710 as necessary to accommodate a 4-lane freight corridor for exclusive use by trucks. This segment included four interchanges three local street interchanges Rosecrans Avenue, 
Imperial Highway, and Firestone Boulevard and one freeway to freeway interchange at I-105 through the cities of Paramount, Compton, Lynwood, South Gate, Downey, Cudahy, and the County of Los Angeles.

As part of the project, we also studied and prepared a summary River Report identifying the various impacts to the Los Angeles River, Compton Creek, and Rio Hondo Channel. This report evaluated impacts and assessments including floodplain evaluation, levee modifications, groundwater recharge facilities, and County of Los Angeles master plan projects. For the freight corridor alternative, the report identified 54 new or revised river crossings, 28000 feet of levee modification and impacts to the Dominguez Gap Basin groundwater recharge facility. We additionally prepared the corridor-wide Location Hydraulic Study which included  the preparation of Caltrans standard form for each street or railroad crossing location. This included 23 locations. We prepared the Summary Floodplain Encroachment Report. 

We also worked with URS in developing the Fact Sheets, Exceptions to Design Standards for the entire 21 miles, listing the existing/proposed to remain and new/proposed exceptions to advisory and exceptions to mandatory design features. From this extensive list of potential design exceptions, we identified locations where geometric revisions could be made to eliminate the nonstandard. For those nonstandard design features which could not be eliminated, we prepared the fact sheet exception. Two reports were prepared one for the advisory design exceptions and one for the mandatory design exceptions.


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